About Sociaago

The situation

Logistical and administrative costs are too high for local producers. Accessibility to these products is complicated for consumers who do not have the time to travel to several places to get their supplies.

The solution

We therefore created Sociaago, a collaborative logistics solution that is sustainable and economically viable, for the distribution of local products in and to the Brussels-Capital Region.

Small local producers, especially around Brussels, face real difficulties in offering and distributing their products to independent restaurants and shops and have turn to the large players in the
sector or to carry out these tasks individually in-house.

Access to an integrated logistics solution coupled with a digital platform to promote their products (BtB) is an essential missing link in the development of this sector.

Sociaago is the result of this reflection.

It is a cooperative that aims to develop, in a participatory/
cooperative spirit.

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Logistics distribution

The activity of food preparation for small local producers, with associated logistical distribution services.


Digital platform

A digital platform for these producers and their customers (restaurants and independent shops), for marketing purposes and order automation.


Sharing know-how

Offering new food processing activities according to the needs of the producers (pooling of investments and know-how).

At Sociaago we work with people with disabilities. Our way of
combining the values of sustainability, societal and environmental
commitment to make tomorrow better!

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Our story

Origin of concept

Origin of concept

Awareness of the need for a hub-logistics solution for
fresh products from small producers in the Brussels food belt.



Reflection and contacts with stakeholders (producers,
public authorities, ...). Laureate of BeCircular 2020, an initiative that supports the transition towards a social and circular economy.

Creation of Sociaago

Creation of Sociaago

Creation of the Sociaago cooperative and fundraising with the LITA.co platform and COOPUS of Finance Brussels.

IT Platform

IT Platform

Implementation of the Linkedfarm IT platform and the MECALUX management system (WMS), works and launch of the

Our team

Olivier Van Cauwelaert

CEO - Project leader

After an experience in conventional distribution, Olivier co-created
a network of independent organic shops at the same time as he started a societal turn by creating ScaleUp fund, an investment fund dedicated to sustainable food. Since then, he has dedicated himself exclusively to projects with a real positive impact.

Father of 4 children, Olivier is committed to leave a healthy planet to future generations, putting people and nature at the centre of all actions, for instance with projects such as the Jardins d’Arthey and Manufast.

Olivier’s role: the development of the project at the commercial,
strategic, marketing and above all human level.

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Cédric Van de Weghe

Business Development Manager

Cédric joins Sociaago with significant experience in Supply Chain at Colruyt. He also brings a commercial vision thanks to his career as Business Manager at consultancy firm Intys. This experience allows him to respond optimally to the needs of the market and our business partners.

Combining his commercial, logistics and data skills, he will enable Manufast to develop the logistics hub for Sociaago. In the long term, he will take over from Olivier Van Cauwelaert for the development of Sociaago’s activities.

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