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Supersec has entrusted Sociaago with the complete management of online order processing as a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics):

  • Storage of the products in Sociaago’s warehouses.
  • Provision of an E-picking web platform for the management of online orders.
  • Preparation of orders that reach us via the web platform.
  • Dispatch of orders to the shops that distribute Supersec products, both  in Belgium and in France.
SS Box big H
SS SUPERSEC 01 2021 WEB 30
"When Supersec was launched, we were looking for a partner to take care of all supply chain activities. Not having this expertise in- house and not having sufficient storage space (and not being sure of our future needs), we wanted to find a complete and flexible partner so that we could focus on our core business. As sustainability is one of our values, working with an "ETA" (adapted work company) was an obvious choice. From the storage of our products, to the picking of orders and delivery to our shops, Sociaago takes care of the complete 'Pick & Pack' chain and will, of course, take care of the follow-up and delivery of the orders of our new SUPERBOXES to our consumers. Two other aspects confirmed our choice: the central location near the company's ring, which allows our trucks to deliver the products easily, and also the fact that the storage space available at Sociaago is scalable according to our commercial reality! This is very reassuring for us for the future."
SS Dest Cookies V 2
Xavier Denis