Happy producers

Let's reinvent our food system!

What we want: happy producers who live with dignity from a fascinating  profession.

We want to collaborate: artisanal producers and consumers wishing to  propose another model of life in society, through our relation to food.

We support local producers committed to a quality approach. Our objective:  producers who are happy to produce food that taste good and are good for  your health, consumers who rediscover the pleasure of choosing and eating.

Faced with the drift of our over-industrialised agricultural system, in which  products no longer have taste nor vitamins and producers are in debt and  exhausted, we propose another model – the only one possible – for our  common future.

In the Brussels region, small producers are managing their business with  passion and it is these that we support through the Sociaago project.

Diversity, choice, care and quality of products offered. But not only that.  Short circuit. Respect for the seasons. Sustainable logistics with deliveries  that respect soft mobility. There is no shortage of sustainability values at  Sociaago! They are the only ones possible to ensure a better world.

Are you a producer? We host your products and give you logistical support  to expand your customer base. You increase your sales without having to  increase your operating costs.


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